How To Avoid Accidental In-Game Purchases By Kids in BGMI!

BGMI has no doubt become an extremely popular multiplayer FPS game among kids these days. Regardless of the age group, everyone has fun playing competitive matches with their friends. It is however extremely important to play responsibly, especially when it comes to kids who play on their parent’s smartphones. They might get tempted and try … Read more

How to Listen and Disable it!

You can now Record Calls with Truecaller on Android phones. A built-in call recording capability has been added to the Caller ID app, allowing users to record both incoming and outgoing calls to their smartphones. TrueCaller has introduced a built-in call recording function to allow users to record calls on their devices, which can be … Read more

WhatsApp Beta Update: New WhatsApp Sticker Feature!

WhatsApp is working on enabling users to make their own stickers. Right now users only use stickers offered by WhatsApp or via third-party apps. Meta, Inc. has disclosed the WhatsApp sticker creation capability in the WhatsApp beta update. It is expected to make its way to the app’s stable version in WhatsApp new update shortly. … Read more

How to Convert PNG to PDF on Windows 10?

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How to Run Windows 11 on Mac: Step-by-Step Guide!

As Windows 11 download is accessible for everyone, you may also want to experience the new Windows 11 OS despite being a Mac user. But, is it possible to install Windows 11 on Mac? The answer is yes! Parallels 17 for Mac can run Windows 11 in a smooth virtual machine on an Intel or … Read more

Android 12L: Everything You Need To Know

So, what is Android 12L and why is everyone talking about it? To give you a gist, Android 12L is Google’s version of Android that is finally focusing on big screen devices such as tablets and foldable. For many years, Android tablets were more of a hit and miss with unoptimized apps and just no … Read more

How to Install Apps on Android TV from Smartphone

You might be aware of some of the basic features of an Android TV like Chromecast, Android Apps Support, Google Home Control, etc. Usually, to download an app on your Android TV, you have to visit Google Play Store on the TV. But there is another way through which you can install the apps on … Read more